A Heartfelt Thank You from DC Deployed for a Successful UNC Group 7×24 Exchange SoCal 2024 Charity Golf Outing!

As the sun sets on an incredible day at Tijeras Creek Golf Club, we at DC Deployed are overwhelmed with gratitude for the successful completion of the UNC Group 7×24 Exchange SoCal 2024 Charity Golf Outing at Tijeras Creek Golf Club. This event showcased not just excellent golfing but a profound sense of community and philanthropy.

Your participation and generosity have ensured vital support for children facing severe health challenges, providing them with the best care and innovative treatments.

A special shout-out to our partners and fellow participants who made this day possible. Our heartfelt thanks go to Jeff Gyzen of Arcadis, Kelly Sullivan from Cyxtera Centersquare, and Marjorie Woodbridge for your incredible support and spirit.


A special acknowledgment to DC Deployed’s board members, Gerald Da Silva (left) of Beta Engineering and Wayne Reeves (driver) from Schneider Electric, for their leadership and commitment to making a difference through this event.

Your participation meant more than just a game; it was a step toward a brighter future for many children and their families. Thank you for joining us in this remarkable cause. Together, we have indeed made a significant impact.

We look forward to more such inspiring events and hope to see you all again on the greens. Let’s continue to make every swing count!

Stay tuned for more highlights from this event and updates on our future engagements!

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