AZ Energy Consortium Conference

AZ Energy Consortium Conference

DC Deployed Attends the
2024 Southwest Energy Conference:
A Partnership Driving Arizona’s Energy Future

The DC Deployed Program Development Team will attend the upcoming 2024 Southwest Energy Conference on May 23, at the Clayton House in Scottsdale, Arizona. Organized by the Arizona Energy Consortium (AEC), this event is a key meeting point for energy industry leaders across the Southwest, focusing on sustainable development and innovative energy solutions.

The synergy between sustainable energy production and advanced data center development is key to future technological advancements. We share a joint commitment with AEC to enhancing the energy sector’s infrastructure and capabilities. 

 The AEC, a respected 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, plays a vital role in removing barriers to development and fostering a network of collaboration among energy professionals. Their efforts to create a clear and credible voice for Arizona’s growing energy industry align perfectly with our mission to optimize data center operations through efficient energy solutions.

 At the conference, the DC Deployed team looks forward to engaging with other industry experts to discuss the future of energy in Arizona and the broader Southwest region. We are especially eager to delve into new initiatives that can further support the local data center community, ensuring a more robust and sustainable energy framework for the future.

Should you find yourself present at the event, we invite you to approach and greet us.

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