Data Center Owner Program Requirements & Initial Basis Of Design Middle East, Asia


Data Centers Deployed Offers Data Center Owner Program Requirements & Initial Basis of Design to Clients in Middle East

DC Deployed helps unlock the potential of your data center by beginning with our comprehensive Owner Program Requirements and Initial Basis of Design services for your data center in Middle East.

Data Center Construction and Management Services in the Middle East and Asia

DC Deployed is a leading company specializing in data center construction and management services. With our expertise covering the entire lifecycle of a data center project, we are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients in the Middle East and Asia.

Data Center Owner Program Requirements & Initial Basis of Design

At DC Deployed, we understand the importance of aligning the design and operational features of a data center with the owner’s program requirements and business objectives. Our team works closely with clients to ensure that every aspect of the data center’s design meets their specific needs.

Our approach begins with the initial basis of design, where we establish the foundational parameters and design criteria for the project. Through stakeholder design collaboration, we gather valuable insights and input to create a data center design blueprint that reflects the owner’s vision and goals.

With our owner-centric design approach, we prioritize the alignment of the data center’s design parameters with the client’s business objectives. This ensures that the data center not only meets technical specifications but also supports the client’s long-term growth and success.

Geography: Middle East and Asia

The Middle East, located in Western Asia and Egypt, is a transcontinental region that extends into parts of North Africa. It is a region rich in history, culture, and natural resources.

Home to major religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, the Middle East is considered the birthplace of these faiths. It boasts significant religious sites like Mecca, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, attracting pilgrims and tourists from around the world.

With vast reserves of oil and natural gas, the Middle East plays a crucial role in the global energy market. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq are among the largest oil producers, contributing to the region’s economic significance.

The Middle East’s rich cultural heritage is evident in its ancient civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Persia, and Egypt. Archaeological sites and historical landmarks like the Pyramids of Giza and the ruins of Persepolis showcase the region’s fascinating past.

From deserts to mountain ranges, the Middle East offers a diverse landscape. The Arabian Desert and the Sahara are awe-inspiring, while the Zagros Mountains and the Taurus Mountains provide breathtaking views. Access to water bodies like the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf further enhances the region’s strategic importance.

DC Deployed is proud to serve customers and related industries in the Middle East and Asia, leveraging our expertise in data center design, construction, and management to meet their unique needs.

DC Deployed provides the following program requirement and initial basis of design solutions to clients in Middle East:

  • Owner Program Requirements
  • Initial Basis of Design
  • Business objectives alignment
  • Design parameters
  • Data center foundational design
  • Functional design criteria
  • Stakeholder design collaboration
  • Data center design blueprint
  • Project foundational parameters
  • Data center design strategy
  • Visionary design planning
  • Technical design specifications
  • Project initiation guidelines
  • Data center roadmap development
  • Infrastructure design planning
  • Core design principles
  • Owner-centric design approach
  • Data center design framework

What Our Customers Say

DC Deployed is second to none in data center consulting. From design to professional customer service. The absolute best from start to finish. Highly recommended!!

Robb Snider

Excellent attention to detail in all aspects of Data Centers from design to installation. Easy checklist to follow from capacity planning and power requirements to rack layout, equipment logistics and containment options. I highly recommend this company and the services they provide.

Mark Mahoney

Data Center Deployed has benefited my business as well as helping us produce successful projects for our customers. The Data Center Deployed team are professional, knowledgeable, and are always eager to help with the right design.


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Fun Facts of Middle East, Asia

  • Geographies Includes countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey.
  • Historical Significance: Cradle of several ancient civilizations and religions including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
  • Interesting Facts: Al-Qarawiyyin University in Fez, Morocco, founded in 859, is often regarded as the oldest university in the world.
  • Famous for: Known for rich cultural heritage, ancient history, and diverse cuisines.
  • Influences: Influential in the world literature through Arabic literature, Persian literature, and Turkish literature.
  • History: Significant historical events include the rise and fall of many empires, and more recently, the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • Tourist Attraction: Tourist attractions include the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Petra in Jordan, and Istanbul in Turkey.
  • Recreation: 1,912
  • Invention: The invention of writing systems including cuneiform and hieroglyphics.
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