Tackling the Energy-Water Nexus Head-On. The 2024 Southwest Energy Conference

Tackling the Energy-Water Nexus Head-On. The 2024 Southwest Energy Conference

As the western drought strains water resources, the energy-water nexus challenges industries like the data center sector. However, DC Deployed, a leading provider of data center solutions, is taking proactive steps to address this issue.

The company understands the importance of balancing digital demand with environmental sustainability. DC Deployed minimizes its footprint by utilizing renewable energy and implementing water-efficient cooling technologies for its data centers.

At the upcoming 2024 Southwest Energy Conference organized by the Arizona Energy Consortium, DC Deployed’s Program Development Team will engage industry leaders on the energy-water nexus. This event focuses on sustainable development and innovative energy solutions.

DC Deployed explores multi-faceted approaches, including water conservation measures, advocating for water infrastructure investment, and promoting water-smart energy strategies. The company also aims to adopt innovative water treatment technologies to reduce its water footprint further.

In the drought-prone West, DC Deployed’s sustainable data center operations exemplify balancing digital growth with environmental preservation. By prioritizing water conservation and renewable energy, the company paves the way for a future where these needs coexist harmoniously. 

At the Southwest Energy Conference, DC Deployed’s team will play a vital role in shaping conversations and collaborations necessary to strike a balance between economic growth, energy demands, and environmental preservation in the arid West. 

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